About Us

Breethly’s Story

Born from a shared vision to harness the power of breath for wellness, Breethly's journey began with the desire to blend ancient breathing practices with modern technology. Inspired by this, they envisioned a device that would stand the test of time, guiding generations in their quest for peace and balance.

The Power of Breath

Breathwork transforms well-being, offering stress relief and enhanced focus. Breethly makes this ancient practice accessible, fostering balance and inner peace in daily life.

Product DNA

Superior Design

Elegantly crafted, intuitive, user-friendly design for an immersive wellness experience

Advanced Technology

Merging precision engineering with holistic wellness practices.

Intuitive App Integration

Effortless navigation, personalized experiences, and holistic wellness at hand.

"In an era of relentless change and noise, breathwork and mindfulness stand as universal keys, unlocking serenity and clarity for anyone willing to turn inward and embrace the tranquility within.”

Judah Longgrear - Founder and CEO

Breath is the bridge, connecting mind, body, and soul in harmony.

Judah Longgrear

Co-Founder & CEO. Featured as Forbes NEXT 1000. Nickelytics’ CEO. Passionate about solving customer problems by leveraging technology and data.

Matthew DuBois

Co-Founder & CMO. Entrepreneur. Led a thriving video and event production company. Passionate about using creativity and psychology in brand-building and marketing.

Chiara Tussie

Co-Founder & CPO. Industrial Designer with a Master's degree in Product Design. Passionate about merging sustainable design with the wellness industry.

John Vargas Eddy

CTO. Passionate about next generation health and wellness solutions. 20+ years experience in technology, hardware, software, mobile, embedded, cloud.

Colette Cook

Head of Wellness. Certified yoga instructor, hypnotist, neuro-linguistic programming facilitator, breathwork instructor, sound healer, and Reiki Master practitioner. 20+ years of experience in sales and marketing. Passionate about holistic wellness practices.

Anna Padkavyrava

Head of Data and AI. Data and AI specialist with 10+ years of experience and leadership across various industries, from startups to enterprises. Passionate about leveraging AI and technology to improve wellbeing and health.