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Breethly: Your Personal Breathwork Companion

Embrace a new era of wellness with our innovative device. Breethly's intuitive lights and vibrations guide you through each breath, making advanced breathwork techniques accessible anytime, anywhere.

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Master Your Mood with Breethly

Whether you need an energy surge or a stress escape, Breethly guides you through specialized breathing techniques to effortlessly shift your state of mind and body.

Discover the Device

Introducing Breethly

Your Gateway to Mindfulness

Real-Time Feedback

Our device offers immediate physiological feedback, enabling you to fine-tune your breathing for optimal results.

Customized Breathing Sessions

Tailor your breathwork journey with personalized sessions adapted to your unique requirements, ensuring maximum effectiveness.

Track Your Journey

Monitor your progress and witness tangible improvements in your breathing patterns, stress management, and overall wellness.


Breathwork Methodologies

Engage in a variety of challenges designed to keep you inspired and deepen your understanding of breathwork – ideal for both newcomers and seasoned practitioners alike.


Fully Customizable

Breethly customizes your experience, offering exercises and challenges specifically designed to align with your personal goals and preferences


Hours of Battery Life

Experience long-lasting performance with Breethly. Enjoy up to 6 hours of active use or approximately a week of standby time.

Enhanced Personalization with Device Integration

The app's ability to connect with the breathwork device allows for more precise personalization of exercises, adapting in real-time to the user's physiological responses.

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Breath by breath, peace with Breethly.

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